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Full detailing car wash service in Staten Island, New York

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Standard Detail

Level 1: Gloss Enhancement+ Maintenance

- Decontamination of paintwork

- Gloss enhancement service

- Deep interior vacuum

- Full steam clean+ matt cleanings

Starting $120
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Full Detail

Level 2: Gloss Enhancement+ Steam Cleaning+ Shampooing

- Everything from level 1+

- Deeper steam cleaning of all plastics

- Shampoo extraction of all carpets + seats

- Leather deep cleaned and conditioned

Starting $349
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Major Detail

Level 3: Polishing+ Deep cleaning + Ozone

- Everything from level 2+

- High gloss polish

- Smell removal or extra dirty

- Deepest clean possible!

Starting $549
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What is

Full Detailing

Full detailing is the combination of an exterior detail & an interior detail at a discounted price. Your vehicle is specifically dirty. Some of which may ormay not be necessary within one of the packages below! Your best bet is to have a general idea of which package would be best for you, and then once you fill out the inquiry below- I could give you a custom package to fit your needs!

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Standard Detail

If you’re looking for a <span style="color: #ff6dd3;">refresh of your vehicle</span>, this is for you. This detailing package is the definition of detailing maintenance.

Your car will receive a <span style="color: #ff6dd3;">gloss enhancement</span> via a specific decontamination process, then finished up with a <span style="color: #ff6dd3;">high gloss wax</span> dedicated to adding depth to your paint. If you need any paint correction (remove scratches) I recommend asking for our <span style="color: #ff6dd3;">compound and polishing packages</span>. The <span style="color: #ff6dd3;">interior</span> receives a maintenance detail well.

The Process

- Full Paint Decontamination Done

- High Gloss Paste Wax Applied Lasting 4+ months

- Rubber Matts Cleaned

- Deep Interior Detailing Vacuum (Multi-Tools)

- Full Plastic Steam Clean + Cupholders

- Interior Plastic Protected

- Ceramic Detail Spray On Top Of Wax (2 weeks)


- Starting $120

Full Detail

Our <span style="color: #ff6dd3;">flag ship cleaning package</span>, this detail is our <span style="color: #ff6dd3;">most popular</span> option for the everyday car goer. Upgrade your routine cleaning and give your car some much needed TLC!

<span style="color: #ff6dd3;">Full interior “transformation”</span> package for those small spots and spills, coupled with an exterior gloss enhancement equates to <span style="color: #ff6dd3;">a new looking car all over again!</span> We guarantee absolutely amazing results!

The Process

- Everything from “Standard Detail”+

- Full Interior Steam Cleaning of <span style="color: #ff6dd3;">All Plastics</span>

- Complete DEEP stain removal of all seats (4 STEP PROCESS)

- Shampoo and extract carpets (4 STEP PROCESS)

- Steam clean and condition all leather seats.

- Custom air freshener applied


- Starting $349

Major Detail

This exclusive detail is for those <span style="color: #ff6dd3;">cars that need a complete 360</span>. This is a transformation <span style="color: #ff6dd3;">detail of your interior and exterior polish</span>. Perfect for neglected cars, used cars, kid-mobiles, cars lease returns, or just simply a time for a deep cleaning!

Exterior receives a <span style="color: #ff6dd3;">full decontamination</span> and a one-step polish <span style="color: #ff6dd3;">eliminating 30% of the scratches/swirls</span> on your vehicles paint, and the interior receives another round of extraction + seat removal for cracks impossible otherwise to get to.

We offer <span style="color: #ff6dd3;">custom packages, so if you’d like to mix & match for an appropriateprice, contact me</span>!

The Process

- Everything from “Full Detail”+

- Interior: extra round of stain removal in fabric

- Seat removal for otherwise impossible areas

- High Gloss Polish

- Eliminates 30%+ Minor Defects

- Smell Removal via Ozone (Optional)

- Paint Sealant lasting 5 months+

- Transformative detailing experience


- Starting $549

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