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We’re an award winning auto detailing business located in Staten Island, New York dedicated to providing high quality detailing at the right price. We specialize in full details, professional grade ceramic coatings, paint correction for scratch removal, and deep interior cleanings.  
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We like to keep things easy! Just know that while you're kicking back, your pride and joy is safe and sound with us.
Package Selection
By either selecting a package through our website or giving us a call, we can help tailor a package to your particular needs.
Text Message Confirmation
Once a date and time has been confirmed, we send you a text message confirming your package.
At the pre-determined drop-off time, we will have a walk through of your vehicle so you have the piece of mind you vehcle is safe with us.
We will then begin working on your vehicle. As we progress we will send you updates via text message on how work is proceeding.
Vehicle Collection
Once complete, we will contact you notifiying you that your vehicle is ready for collection. You can then let us know what time works best for you.
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Our Packages:
Full Detailing

Professional detailing in Staten island, New York done by the best. Our preset full detailing packages offer a quick and easy process for cleaning your vehicle inside and out. Allow us to take care of the work by choosing from one of our affordable car detailing solutions.

Click below to see some of our preset detailing packages. Otherwise, we can take care of any particular needs you might have, so feel free to call right away if you need to and we will be there.

Paint Correction

Paint correcting means treating your vehicle to a mirror glaze finish, remarkable shine, incredible depth of color thus leaving with a better-than-new end result. It’s the perfect refresh. The gloss is always remarkable regardless of which package your choose, and that’s coming from years of experience.

- Removes scratches and swirls

- Improves your daily driving experience

- Dramatically increases gloss, shine, and overall depth of color

- Rejuvenates the paint work

- Increases your cars value for resale

- Ready for ceramic coating installation for years’ worth of value!

Ceramic Coating

Maintaining your vehicle in New York is never easy - Until Now. Ceramic coatings can best be described as a semi-permanent enhancement to your vehicles paint that provides outstanding protection, incredible shine, and adds slick hydrophobic properties making cleaning a breeze. Compared to your typical wax, this is a WORLD of difference.

- Driving a high gloss, shiny vehicle for longer than what cheap spray wax provides

- Extended protection from New York dirt and grime

- Saving time & money on your regular maintenance washes

- Having a vehicle less prone to light swirls and micro marring.

- Want to rejuvenate your car paint color and gloss and have it last years

Interior Detailing

If your interior has been neglected, have an older car, bought a used car, or simply need a good detail done right, look no further. Perfectly crafted interior packages made for every situation without killing the bank! You’re truthfully going to receive a whole new looking car by the time we’re done - Guaranteed. Check out what we have to offer by clicking below or call us to describe your unique situation.

Mobile Detailing

Professional mobile detailing in Staten island, New York done by the best. Our preset full detailing packages offer a quick and easy process for cleaning your vehicle inside and out. Allow us to take care of the work by choosing from one of our affordable car detailing solutions.

Click below to see some of our preset detailing packages. Otherwise, we can take care of any particular needs you might have, so feel free to call right away if you need to and we will be there.

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Who are we?
Started as a hobby, led into a full-time commitment. James dropped out of college after three years in finance to pursue a different route in entrepreneurship. Years later, he started Pip’s Auto Detailing along with his younger brother, Dylan, with a focus on providing high quality craftsmanship for an affordable price along with exceptional customer connection.

As a customer, you’re treated as family. We hear your needs and make something great come out of it. We truly care about your experience from beginning to end. Through the years, we have become Staten Island’s leading detail shop for a reason. We would love to have you apart of our journey. We customize our packages to meet your needs as a customer, and hear your story with genuine care and commitment.

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Questions? Check
our FAQ's.
What’s the difference between you and the mobile washers?
We are an award-winning detailing shop that specializes in deeper interior cleanings, long lasting exterior enhancements, & overall provide higher quality work and a broader skillset than is possible for mobile washers.
What’s the process for dropping my vehicle off?

Once you drop your vehicle off to us you have multiple options:

  • Have family/ friends follow you, and then bring you back.
  • Uber/Lyft or public transportation.
  • If within a certain distance of our location and depending on the package, we offer complimentary drop off services!
How often should I get a detail with Pip’s?
There are a lot of variables that depend on your frequency with our services. A package such as our exterior decontamination is recommended every 4/6 months, while our paint correction ceramic coating combo lasts 3-5+ years. Interior cleanings are completely dependent on your tolerance to dirt/grime, along with your current dirt level.

Some customers come monthly, others every couple of months. Some decide to invest in long-term quality upfront and are one & done for years to come.
Can I just call you and tell you exactly what I’m looking for?
The best-case scenario is you calling me & explaining the unique situation you’re in! Once I make contact with our customers, I always recommend a couple of options to ensure you’re needs are taken cared of.
I want my carpets/seats shampooed - do you offer it?
We offer a higher quality shampoo job than mobile washers. By shampooing carpets-we mean shampoo + extraction. The biggest problem with mobile washers, is that they’re charging an arm & a leg for spraying a liquid on a carpet and scrubbing it in.

What we offer is a 4-Step process that guarantees fresh smelling fabric and actual removal of the grime within the fibers. You’d be surprised how many people come to us right after they got it cleaned! We simply have more equipment and a better process.
I’m looking for a good wax job - do you offer it?
We offer waxing (weeks), paint sealants (months), and ceramic coatings (years). Depending on your situation and budget, I can apply any of the three forms of protection.
I want my vehicle compounded. I need scratches buffed out. Can you help?
Yes, you need what I would refer to as a “Paint Correction”. Call me or check out our paint correction services page. Explain to me what your car paints condition looks like or the nature of the scratches, and I’ll tell you exactly what I can do for you.
How do I set up an appointment?
You have a couple of options: Fill out the form below, Call me on +1 347-675-1535, or text me directly. You could also contact me through social media if you feel inclined to as well!
How long does it take?
The detail length varies, once we decide on a package for you I give you a range of time upon to expect completion. Throughout the job, I am sending you updates on progress. Communication with my customers is key, and I am very flexible with pickup times if need be.
Can I leave my car with you the day before? What about early mornings?
Tell me what works best for you, and we can adjust from there. Customers have dropped off their car from 10pm to 5am, and others have left it with me for days while on vacation or spending the weekend at home. Talking to me directly and letting me know your scenario is the best case!
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